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Acoustic Plastering (Star Silent System)
   Star Silent Acoustic Plaster - St. Joseph Seminary Chapel


Acoustic Ceilings (Star Silent System)

Pyrok Inc. has introduced a new product called Pyrok StarSilent. The StarSilent system is a smooth, seamless sound absorbing, durable plaster finish system for walls and ceilings.


The StarSilent panel is a sound absorbing board made up of 96% post consumer recycled crushed glass bottles and coated with sound permeable plasters. This environmentally friendly product allows designers to utilize a seamless gypsum board look with sound absorbing qualities. It is utilized in many configurations that gypsum boards is typically utilized. It can be used on curved surfaces with a radius of four feet or greater.


We chose to use Pyrok's StarSilent system for the St. Joseph's Seminary project in 2010 for it's renowned reputation as one of the best accoustic systems available. You can view more pictures of the St. Joseph's Seminary project in our Projects gallery.


We are proud to work with Pyrok in order to offer this amazing product to our clientele. For more information about Pyrok StarSilent, please visit their website at www.starsilent.com